Our Roots

Cape Cod Muffins took root in 2016 in Provincetown, MA. The roots of Cape Cod Muffins are our four bite-sized muffins, each gluten-free, grain-free, and sweetened only with fruits and vegetables: Organic Beet and Lou's Chocolate Muffin; Parsnip, Coconut and Raisin Muffin; Organic Sweet Potato, Prune, and Cinnamon Muffin; and Organic Carrot, Cranberry, and Orange Zest Muffin.

Our Roots

For forty years I have dealt with Multiple Sclerosis that has been relapsing and remitting. Because of severe episodes in the earlier years, I made a choice to stop eating white sugar in 1995 and wheat in 2002. This simple decision led to less severe and less frequent episodes with a more active and rich daily life than I had ever imagined for myself. 

Cape Cod Muffins took root in 2016, when I moved to Provincetown, MA. The sounds and rhythms of the Cape, particularly the movement of the tides each day, inspired me and led to an evolution in my approach to baking. I decided to make these tasty, healthy treats that are so hard to find.

After two years of tinkering with recipes and gathering feedback from friends, neighbors, and family on the Cape and in New York—I finally found the perfect combination of ingredients for delicious and nutritious bite-sized muffins. They are gluten-free, grain-free, and sweetened only with fruit and vegetables. These four muffins, (Beet Lou's Chocolate Walnut), (Parsnip Coconut Raisin), (Sweet Potato Prune Cinnamon), and (Carrot Cranberry Orange), were the start of Cape Cod Muffins.

As life on the Cape would have it, I found a home for my muffins through word-of-mouth and a strange turn of events. I had the unusual idea of trying to get Mac’s Seafood in Eastham to carry Cape Cod Muffins. The folks at Mac’s were welcoming and supportive. I sent them flowers to thank them for the meeting (I like to send all white arrangements in square containers). Mary’s Flowers in Orleans sent a bounty of beautiful flowers...in every color of the rainbow.

I went to talk with Mary about the flowers, and I can see now that the baking goddess was with me that day. Mary asked what she could do for me, and I asked if she knew anyone who might be interested in my baked goods. She suggested I talk with Heather Bailey at The Optimal Kitchen. I met with Heather that Saturday, and the rest is history (in the making, I like to think)! Today Cape Cod Muffins are hand-crafted by The Optimal Kitchen.

I am so grateful for the unwavering support and encouragement of friends, old and new as Cape Cod Muffins continues to grow. Looking forward to many more healthy and tasty little bite memories with each of you!

Hugs and muffins, Lou